RB (chasingkerouac) wrote,

Fic Rec: Star Trek

Yes, I've become addicted to the shiny new Star Trek and it's awesomeness, why do you ask? *lol*

At least looking for fic gives me something to do during my boring workday, and there is more and more shiny fic each day. But, I thought I'd throw this out, because anybody on my flist who wants to start with some shiny new Star Trek fic (and if you haven't seen the movie, go. Amazing. How much of a crush do I have on Karl Urban and Chris Pine?) you should totally start here.

chaletian has written a series of stories now loving known as the village!verse and they involve wonderful things like Chekov and Sulu being bookies, imagining the Enterprise as part of telenovela drama, Kirk attempting to give a birds and the bees talk, McCoy being so delightfully grumpy and McCoy-esque, and just general all around slice of life amusement.

Go, they're wonderful.
Tags: fanfic recs, star trek
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