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I know what to show

and what to conceal

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2 March
External Services:
  • chasingkerouac@livejournal.com
Who: RB
Where: Scotland
Email: chasingkerouac@gmail.com

Fandoms: Oh there are just so many shiny things to enjoy! Glee, Star Trek, Justified, White Collar, SGA, The West Wing, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica (not to mention the crappy reality tv that I've seemed to become addicted to...) A whole lotta things are fair game.

This Journal: is personal and fannish ramblings mixed with fic and icons and assorted extra goodness.

Friending: Fic and icons will always be public, bust most everything else is friends only, just cause that's how I roll. I have a pretty liberal friending policy, so just drop me a line if you want to see everything else :)

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